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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I modify a Foxtail floor plan?

Each plan we create has been carefully designed to maximize functional space, livability, affordability, and style. However, we understand that everyone has unique needs related to their specific location, lifestyle, and season of life. Our goal is to design a home you’ll love — including making any modifications to your chosen plan with an easy, affordable, and fast process.

All modifications will be slightly different, so the best place to start is by emailing with your ideas. We’ll get back to you soon with the cost and approximate timeline for completing your customization requests.

What types of changes can be made to the design?

Although we will do everything we can to accommodate your specific customization requests, not all changes are alike. Some changes are easy to make; others might require a major redesign of the main structural elements of the home, which could be cost-prohibitive or drastically change the look of the design. Our team will communicate with you if this is the case, and offer suggestions to help meet your needs in a way that fits with your vision.

Can I build more than one house from the plan I purchase?

Each plan purchase includes a license for one build. If you would like to build the plan again, a separate license will need to be purchased.

Should I buy the floor plan myself, or have my builder purchase it?

Since the buyer of the plan is the owner of the legal license and the right to build the house, we recommend that you purchase the plan yourself. This also gives you the freedom to use any builder of your choice.

How much should I expect to spend on construction costs with a Foxtail floor plan?

The cost of each home is dependent on so many variables, including the location of your project, the specific soil and groundwater conditions of your lot, local labor and materials rates, as well as your particular finish selections and material choices. We recommend getting in contact with some local builders in your area to get a feel for average construction costs per square foot. Many builders can give you this information during the initial consultation meeting, which provides you with a chance to get to know the contractors, learn their process, and obtain references at the same time.

How long does it take for me to receive drawings?

A generic PDF plan set for your chosen plan will be emailed to you along with your order receipt immediately after your online purchase. If the plan is purchased as-is with no customizations, your plan box and flash drive with digital files will be shipped for ground delivery within 2 business days of your purchase.

What else should I know before purchasing a Foxtail Plan?

If your intended build location is in a subdivision, that subdivision will have specific design regulations as well as an architectural review and approval processes. We recommend reviewing those regulations and getting in touch with the design review board members for an initial consultation to confirm that your chosen Foxtail Plan Co design meets their requirements. We also recommend contacting local building professionals in your area to determine the average cost per square foot to build. 

What other professionals or services will I need to begin construction?

A Land Surveyor (or Civil Engineer) may be required to create your site plan if you have not already initiated those services. You will also need a Structural Engineer to complete a structural plan set based on the architectural plans from us. They will design your foundation, framing plans, braced wall plans, and other plans and details needed to obtain a building permit as required by your local building department. Next, you will need a Builder (General Contractor) to estimate the cost of your project, provide a construction agreement (contract), schedule subcontractors, and complete the construction. While not required in every situation, you may also need/want to engage the services of a Landscape Architect, Interior Designer, and an Energy Consultant.

How do I determine what type of foundation to use?

The type of foundation you choose for your project is often determined by your site soil and groundwater conditions, local climate, and preferred type of heating system. All of our designs can be built on a variety of foundation types, including footing and stem wall, slab on grade, mono-slab, or a basement foundation. Inquire with local building professionals to help determine the best choice for your specific home construction project. 

What if I have other questions?

It’s easy to contact us using the chat feature on our website, or by emailing We typically reply within 24 hours.

What's included with my plan purchase?

Each Foxtail purchase includes a full set of printed, 36″ wide x 24″ tall Architectural Construction Documents. Our typical plan set includes:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Floor Plans
  • Roof Plans
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans 
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Building Sections
  • Interior Elevations
  • Exterior and Interior Details
  • Window/Door Schedules
  • Electric Plans

You will also receive a flash drive with the digital plan files, perfect for emailing to your contractors and making additional copies at your local print shop.

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Can I share or reproduce the drawings?

You may copy the Construction Documents as many times as needed by your Building Contractor and other professionals related to your project, but sharing the documents with anyone not directly related to your project is a violation of the License Agreement. 

What should I do after I purchase my plan?

After checkout, we recommend the following next steps:

  1. Get in touch with your subdivision homeowner association, and begin the process of design review to obtain official approval to build in your subdivision. 
  2. Contact your local building department for information on plan review and the process for obtaining a building permit.
  3. If you don’t have a land survey, now is an excellent time to initiate the services of a land surveyor or civil engineer to create your site plan and topography. 
  4. Hire a local structural engineer to design your structural plans.
  5. Interview builders, begin the estimating and bidding process, and start scheduling trade contractors.
  6. Submit the plans to your local building department.

What's your exchange or return policy?

All sales are final since our plans are instantly delivered via file download and we have no way of knowing whether copies have been made.

We are here to help walk you through every step of the process — browsing for, customizing, and purchasing your dream home plans — so you can feel full confidence in your purchase of a home plan from Foxtail Plan Co.

Questions? Need Help?

From shopping, to purchase, to customization, we’re here to help. If you’ve already purchased a plan and want to connect with our design team, we’re here for that, too!