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How It Works

The Foxtail Plan Co process
is just 4 simple steps

Browse our unique, high-end home designs at budget-friendly prices, discover the perfect plan for you, and begin construction feeling confident in the quality of your home plan.

Step 1: Find the perfect design

As you explore our designs,  imagine what each might feel like as your home. Home is a feeling as well as a place — when it’s right, you’ll know.

Step 2: Customize (or keep as-is)

If you’d like to modify any aspect of the design, our team is here to help you with the custom home of your dreams. If you love the design as-is, simply choose as-shown or mirrored and add it to your cart.

Step 3: Receive your digital files
and box set

If no modifications are needed, you’ll receive your digital files right away which include everything needed to start planning your project. Otherwise, you’ll receive them once the design changes are complete. After receiving your digital files, your printed box set of architectural drawings will arrive on your doorstop within days.

Step 4: Start your build!

With the perfect home plan in hand, you’re ready to choose your builder and make your dream home a reality! We love hearing about your build throughout the process, and we’re here to help you—and your contractor, too—every step of the way.

What’s in a Foxtail Plan Purchase?

Every Foxtail Plan purchase includes a full set of architectural construction documents delivered digitally with a USB flash drive as well as a printed box set with full-size scaled drawings, specifications, and details.

The Foxtail Difference

You deserve the home of your dreams. Cozy, elegant, and unique. More character and detail than typical stock plans, without the cost and time commitment of fully-custom architectural design. 

Foxtail Plan Co offers something better. A fresh approach to finding and purchasing digital plans for your dream home construction project.

Save Money

Our home plans cost a fraction of comparable custom designs. Plus, we design with features that help decrease construction costs, and lower your energy bills over the life of your home.

Save Time

From browsing, to customization options, to purchase, it’s a fast and simple process — receive your digital files instantly, and we ship your full paper set within 2-3 business days.

Envision the Future

Instead of the flat, 2D linework of most stock plans, our color-realistic virtual renderings allow you to experience layout, flow, and even lighting before choosing your plan.

Tested Concepts

Our 3D modeling process means your entire house has already been digitally constructed with real-world accuracy, guaranteeing no costly design errors. Most of our designs have already been physically built as custom homes, and improved on to make them even better.

Relevant, Current Styles

Every plan we offer is a current — and original — design. We’ve obsessed over every detail, considering every space, feature, and amenity to ensure it functions and feels just right for your lifestyle in today’s world.

Customization Options

We’re a small business, made up of real people on a mission: designing a home you’ll love forever. We understand your needs and wants are unique, so our team is here for you if you’d like to explore our easy process of customization.

Ready for your home sweet home?

Foxtail Plan Co is the first step in creating the home of your dreams.
Let’s make it real.